Shadow Lodge


Goal: Hold Your Leaders Accountable

For centuries, the Decemvirate sent Pathfinder Society agents of varying skills and degrees of competence to far-flung lands in search of artifacts and dangerous knowledge. Over time, these leaders distanced themselves from the rank and file field agents, and soon began to forget what it truly meant to be away from the protective sanctum of Skyreach in the Grand Lodge of Absalom. Many members of the Society became bitter and disillusioned. Whether they hold personal grudges against the masked leaders of the Society for slights they feel were never remedied or watched too many of their friends suffer for the good of a Society that seemed to thank them very little, these rebels’ numbers have surged in recent years, swelling the Shadow Lodge’s membership.

In 4710 AR, several fringe cells of the underground resistance movement broke off from the main body of the Shadow Lodge, and began a series of open attacks on the Grand Lodge and those loyal to it. The Decemvirate, recognizing that there was a real problem to be addressed, quelled the rebellion by bringing the Shadow Lodge back into the fold, acquiescing to some of their demands, and sending strike forces to hunt down and eliminate remaining cells of radical Shadow Lodge agents. Many still feel the Decemvirate has further to go to remedy the injustices carried out in the Society’s name, though they are glad to be in good standing with the Society once again—even if many also believe they were brought back into the Grand Lodge so the Ten could keep a closer eye on them.

The Shadow Lodge has reformed into a watchdog group, and despite its sinister-sounding name, truly wants the best for the Society and its members. Some rogue members of the original Shadow Lodge do exist, though, and these fanatics still seek the downfall of the Decemvirate in spite of the reparations that have been made.

The Shadow Lodge faction is headed by Grandmaster Torch, an infamous information broker who rules his fiefdom of favors and secrets from his sewer hideout in the Puddles district of Absalom.

Shadow Lodge

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