Grandmaster Torch

Founder of the Shadow Lodge


Grandmaster Torch is one of Absalom’s most notorious information brokers. While he can most often be found in his lair within the Siphons beneath the Puddles district, he has been known to travel Golarion for research and “business.”


Little is known of the early life of Grandmaster Torch before he became an information broker. Grandmaster Torch was a field agent for the Pathfinder Society, but his career came to an end in one of the tombs he was exploring. Cursed and left for dead by his peers, he nevertheless managed to escape back to Absalom. His true name, like his career as a Pathfinder, has been left behind in that ancient tomb.

Since that time, Grandmaster Torch returned to Absalom and began accruing favors from the Pathfinder Society. This continued for several decades before he created the infamous Shadow Lodge within the Pathfinder Society, uniting dozens of disillusioned Pathfinders against the masked Decemvirate, whom they claim served only their own interest and not the well-being of the common Pathfinder. This culminated in the breaking off of several splinter groups with the Shadow Lodge in 4710 AR, and a series of attacks on the Grand Lodge and those loyal to it. Finally, the Decemvirate agreed to some of Grandmaster Torch’s demands, hoping to end the violence and bring disenfranchised Pathfinders back into the fold.2

Since then, Grandmaster Torch has enjoyed a position of importance within the Pathfinder Society, and has assisted the Decemvirate greatly in hunting down rogue Shadow Lodge agents who refuse to be accepted back into the Society.

Grandmaster Torch

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